Hello Future Boy fans!  A new Future Boy competition is open and this one is the best one yet!

Have you ever wanted to be in a music video? Do you love Future Boy music so much that you feel like you have to get up and dance every time it plays? If you answered “yes!” to both of these questions, then we have the contest for you! Future Boy is making a video for his song “You Can Dance” and wants to include fans in the finished product! The video will appear on the official Future Boy website, on the official Future Boy YouTube channel, and may even appear on iTunes and other music video sites! Interested? Here’s how you enter:

We need a video of you dancing to Future Boy’s song “You Can Dance.” No other music should feature in the video. No logos should appear in the video, especially on your clothing. The camera should be still (on a tripod or level surface, or held firmly by someone but in a single position – No panning shots. No close-ups. No zooming in and out.) Please limit your video to 30 seconds. You can have as many people in your video as you like, as long as you have permission from every participant that appears and their acceptance of the contest terms and conditions as well. Videos should be in interesting places. Videos of interest to the production staff are videos that include local landmarks, interesting people, and lots of enthusiasm in the dancing.  You could have big landmarks in your video if these are close to you or if you are travelling there anyway (Big Ben, the Pyramids, the Eiffel Tower) but we are also looking for more unique local landmarks and beautiful scenic locations (near lakes, rivers, mountains etc.). Pick a place that is special to you that you want to share with the world! We would like a large selection of locations from around the world and encourage everyone everywhere to enter! We want fans of all ages, all shapes and sizes, all origins. Future Boy loves ALL of his fans and wants the video to reflect this by showing as large a sampling of fans as possible.

Please do not upload your video to any video sharing sites like YouTube, Facebook, Myspace, etc. Doing so may exclude your entry from consideration! Future Boy and Team Future Boy would like to have a final video that is a surprise and something new to fans when it is first unveiled!

Videos should be attached to an email and sent to youcandance@futureboy.com

Your email should include:

  • your full name
  • the names of all of the participants in your video
  • the location your video was shot in (city, state, country)
  • be sent from a valid email address that can receive emails (in case you are selected!)
  • must include the terms and conditions acceptance phrase:

“I represent that I have the authority to, and hereby do, accept and agree to all of the terms and conditions of the Future Boy “You Can Dance” Competition. I am the copyright owner of the images used in my video or have the written permission of the copyright owner(s) to use all images in my video and will sign a form to this effect if required by Future Boy or Team Future Boy.”  Signed (enter your name here)

All submissions must be received by the end of the day on Friday, October 15, 2010. Entries received after this date will NOT be considered or accepted. By entering the competition you accept all of the terms and conditions of the competition (see below). Winning video submissions will be included in the final “You Can Dance” music video to be released this winter. Please note, winning videos may be edited for content or length.
Before submitting your original video to us for the contest, please read the content below:

By submitting video content for the Future Boy “You Can Dance” Competition, you represent that you have the authority to, and hereby do, accept and agree to the Future Boy “You Can Dance” Competition Instructions and Contest Rules and the following terms and conditions:

The submission must be an original work by the author(s).

The submission will be screened and reviewed by Team Future Boy and Future Boy (James Bourne) for content deemed appropriate for all ages. Submissions deemed inappropriate due to content will NOT be included in the contest. Submissions will be judged and determined to be eligible as a finalist at Team Future Boy and Future Boy’s sole discretion. By entering, entrants understand that Team Future Boy and Future Boy may decide not to select, display, or otherwise publish any submission.

The e-mail address or other contact information provided by contest entrants will be used to notify entrants if their submission has been selected to be a finalist in the contest or if Team Future Boy or Future Boy has questions related to the author(s) or the submission. All email addresses provided must be valid for the duration of the contest and throughout the notification period after the conclusion of the contest.

Entries are not deemed valid unless they contain all of the required information according to the contest rules. This information includes the full names of all persons appearing in the video and the shooting location of the video.
In the event your submission is selected to be a finalist in the contest, you understand that a Permission and Release for Use of Video and Related Content will need to be signed by a person owning the copyright to the video content submitted. If the owner of the copyright is a person under the age of 18, that person’s parent or legal guardian will need to sign such Permission and Release on such person’s behalf. Failure to provide the Permission and Release within the period of time specified by Team Future Boy, at the conclusion of the competition, will result in contest disqualification and forfeiture of prizes involved, if any.

By sending the submission, entrants agree that Team Future Boy and Future Boy are granted a non-exclusive, irrevocable license and is authorized to reproduce, make derivative works, distribute copies, perform publicly, publish, display publicly, or otherwise use the submission for its review and for the purposes of the contest, including such use at the contest website or at any other Future Boy owned website. By entering the contest, entrants agree not make any claims of any kind against Team Future Boy or Future Boy for such use of the submission and will not expect any payments from Team Future Boy or Future Boy for the use of the submission.

By entering this contest entrants acknowledge and accept that Team Future Boy or Future Boy may alter the terms of the contests, extend the contest period, or may withdraw the competition altogether at any time, for any reason.

Please indicate that you have read and understand these Terms & Conditions for Submission by placing the following phrase in your submission email and following the phrase with your full name as a form of electronic signature.

“I represent that I have the authority to, and hereby do, accept and agree to all of the terms and conditions of the Future Boy “You Can Dance” Competition. I am the copyright owner of the images used in my video or have the written permission of the copyright owner(s) to use all images in my video and will sign a form to this effect if required by Future Boy or Team Future Boy.”  Signed (enter your name here)

Submissions not containing the terms and conditions acceptance phrase will NOT be accepted

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As we mentioned before, Future Boy is touring this year! Well, the cat is now fully out of the bag and fans are buzzing with excitement at the news! Future Boy will be touring the UK to support the band Twenty Twenty on their Fanttastic Tour in October 2010! Tickets for the 15 show tour are selling quickly and won’t last long. If you’re lucky enough to live near one of the venues (or are within travelling distance) be sure to get your tickets as soon as possible. Don’t wait or it may be too late!

The tour cities and dates are:
(Shows marked with a * are for ages 14+ only. For all other shows, under 14s must be accompanied by a paying adult)

Mon 11th Oxford O2 Academy2
Tue 12th Stoke Sugarmill*
Thur 14th Glasgow Garage*
Fri 15th Aberdeen, The Tunnels*
Sun 17th Norwich Waterfront*
Mon 18th Liverpool O2 Academy2
Tue 19th Nottingham Rescue Rooms*
Wed 20th Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach*
Thur 21th Bournemouth, Old Fire Station
Mon 25th Islington O2 Academy London
Tue 26th Bristol O2 Academy
Wed 27th Birmingham O2 Academy2
Thur 28th Manchester Club Academy
Fri 29th Newcastle O2 Academy
Sat 30th Sheffield O2 Academy2

To purchase tickets there are a few options. You may call the venue box office directly or you may book online. To book online at the cheapest price you must pay by Paypal and collect your tickets at the venue (tickets by this method will NOT be posted) by visiting the band ticketing website here:

If you would like to book using a credit card (please note ticket outlets may charge additional booking fees and/or postage fees for posting tickets) you may use the links below for each of the venues/shows:


Mon 11th Oxford O2 Academy2 – BUY TICKETS
Tue 12th Stoke Sugarmill – BUY TICKETS
Thur 14th Glasgow Garage – BUY TICKETS
Fri 15th Aberdeen, The Tunnels – TICKET LINK SOON
Sun 17th Norwich Waterfront – BUY TICKETS
Mon 18th Liverpool O2 Academy2 – BUY TICKETS
Tue 19th Nottingham Rescue Rooms – BUY TICKETS
Wed 20th Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach – BUY TICKETS
Thur 21th Bournemouth, Old Fire Station – BUY TICKETS
Mon 25th Islington O2 Academy London – BUY TICKETS
Tue 26th Bristol O2 Academy – BUY TICKETS
Wed 27th Birmingham O2 Academy2 – BUY TICKETS
Thur 28th Manchester Club Academy – BUY TICKETS
Fri 29th Newcastle O2 Academy – BUY TICKETS
Sat 30th Sheffield O2 Academy2 – BUY TICKETS

Team Future Boy will be there to support James Bourne at every single show. We look forward to meeting to the fans and hearing about how much you love Future Boy! We’ll have cool prizes and fun stuff for the most enthusiastic fans! We’ll see you at the shows!

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Help Wanted

On August 6, 2010, in Future Boy, News, Shows, Street Team, by Tree

We’ll be needing some dedicated fans in the UK really soon to help spread the word about Future Boy. In exchange for your hard work you’ll have access to team exclusives including rare music, photos, and merchandise!  If you’re interested please send us a message on Twitter telling us your nearest major UK city so we know which territory you can help cover. You can find us at www.twitter.com/teamfutureboy

For fans living in the rest of the world, YOU AREN’T BEING LEFT OUT! We will have plenty of opportunities for fans, all over the world, to help out via the internet and in person in their home towns, if they want to. Right now, we specifically need some help in the UK for an upcoming tour, but we will soon be posting ways other fans worldwide can help. Future Boy loves ALL of his fans and appreciates help from each and every one of them, no matter where they live! 🙂

Thank you for your support!

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Hey there, UK Fans! You asked for it, and now you’re going to get it! Future Boy is going on tour in the UK! It looks like there are going to be 15 dates all over the UK. Stay tuned for more info…

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Team Future Boy has a new mission for you dedicated Future Boy fans. You can do this mission from ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD and every single contribution from fans will matter!

We all love Future Boy music (I’m assuming you do too, or yo a u wouldn’t be on this site!!) and we all know how great Volume 1 is. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there that don’t even know that Future Boy exists because they find out about all of their new music through the radio. We, here at Team Future Boy, think it is sad that there are so many people missing out! This is where we need the help of the fans! We want to get Future Boy played on the radio. Now, it would be great if you all wrote, emailed, or called your favorite radio station and let them know that you would like to hear Future Boy on the radio. In order to make the biggest impact and to make our message heard, we would like to also focus on one radio station, one DJ, and one Future Boy song. We need to make out shout LOUD AND CLEAR. So, here is your mission, dedicated Future Boy fans:

Send letters and postcards to SCOTT MILLS and ask him to play STEP BY STEP on his BBC Radio 1 show!!  Usually Scott doesn’t play requests but as a past fan of Busted and a supporter of great new music, we just know that Scott will listen if hundreds of people let him know they want to hear “Step By Step” on the radio!

Letters should be addressed to:

Scott Mills
BBC Radio 1
Yalding House,
Great Portland Street, London W1N 4DJ

You can also email Scott at scott.mills@bbc.co.uk

and send him a tweet on Twitter @Scott_Mills  ( www.twitter.com/scott_mills )

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Performance in the UK!

On July 26, 2010, in Future Boy, James Bourne, Music, News, Shows, by Tree

James Bourne has signed up to perform in a charity show in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust on September 26, in London. Fans have been asking James for some time now to do a performance in the UK. Finally, UK based Future Boy fans can see James perform live without travelling too far. The venue is fairly small (approximately 400 seats) so fans SHOULD NOT WAIT to purchase tickets as this show will easily sell out! The details are below including the link to purchase tickets. Team Future Boy will be there to show support. We look forward to meeting more Future Boy fans!

Wilton’s Music Hall

Very Musical Evening

in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust

at Wilton’s Music Hall
Unreserved Seating. General Admission.

Sunday, September 26

7:00 PM (5:30 PM doors)
Tickets £30.00 each
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New Myspace page

On July 16, 2010, in Future Boy, News, by Tree

Future Boy has a snazzy new Myspace layout! If you haven’t been to the Future Boy Myspace page, or if you haven’t seen it for a while, now is the time to check it out. Just go to www.myspace.com/futureboy

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Banner contest extended

On July 2, 2010, in Contests, Future Boy, by Tree

Due to popular demand for a little more time to make excellent banners, the banner competition has been extended for 1 week. This is your last chance to make a banner to help support Future Boy and possibly to win a prize for your efforts. James Bourne will see ALL entries, so be sure you put in some time and effort and make it look good. We’re looking for fun, creativity, and most importantly, a working link back to www.futureboy.com  Contest closes July 7, 2010. Don’t miss out on your chance to win!

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Banner contest!!

On June 12, 2010, in Contests, Future Boy, by Tree

Our second contest is still going on! This time we have asked Future Boy fans to make their own Future Boy banners and post them on the web. This contest is SUPER EASY!! You can use pictures of James Bourne, your own artwork, or even just words. They can be static (a non-moving picture) or animated. Get creative and have fun!! Banners should be posted where other people can see them (so don’t hide them on a private journal page) and should link to the official Future Boy download site at www.futureboy.com  You can make as many banners as you want. Just make sure you don’t take down any old ones. Just keep adding new banners to new pages. Share them on photo sharing websites, post them on your favorite social networking site, put them on your blog or personal web page. Spread the word!

Remember to send the team your links (to the pages that you put the banners on) either in comments on this post, comments on the contest announcement post, as a DM on Twitter, a message on our myspace, or via email. We won’t know you entered if you don’t tell us!

Thank you for supporting Future Boy music!

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Team Contest #2

On June 5, 2010, in Contests, Future Boy, by Tree

Team Future Boy contest #2 has now begun! From now until the end of June, Future Boy fans are asked to create their own Future Boy web banner and post it on the internet! Ideally, banners should be 728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high (but any size banner will be accepted as long as the other rules are follwed) and should show the name Future Boy on it somewhere. In order for your entry to count, it must be placed on the web in a place viewable by other people and be clickable with a link to www.futureboy.com Finally, for your entry to be counted, you must tell us where to find your banner (leave us a comment on this post with the URL of the page where you posted your banner). All entries will be entered into a drawing. Random entries will be drawn to win Future Boy promo items. The best entry will be awarded a $50 (US Dollars) Amazon gift certificate for Amazon.com (or the winner may opt to receive $50 US Dollars via Paypal instead). You will receive 1 entry in the drawing for each unique banner posted on the internet!

Get creative! Use pictures, use fonts, GO NUTS! Most importantly, have fun!

Thank you for supporting Future Boy! You rock!

(Don’t be afraid of the terms and conditions! They just have to be listed for legal purposes!)


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. To enter, complete the mission as explained on the website TeamFutureBoy.com. To be eligible, entrants must create a web banner and place it on the web on a page viewable by other people with a link back to www.futureboy.com or www.thefutureboy.com  Banners can be any size or shape but MUST include the click-through link. Banners submitted must be the work of the contest participant. In order for banners to be counted as an entry in the contest, they must be reported by sending the URL to Team Future Boy via email, direct message on Twitter, message on Tumblr, or a comment on this posting on the Team Future Boy website. Submissions must be received BEFORE midnight, GMT, on June 30, 2010. Incomplete entries (banners not including the click-through link) will be disqualified. All entries shall become the property of Team Future Boy. Team Future Boy is not responsible for lost, misdirected or delayed entries. Entries received by telephone, fax, courier or personal delivery will not be accepted. From those submissions received there will be a drawing. Randomly selected participants will receive assorted Future Boy promo items. All entries received will be judged and the contestant submitting the entry deemed the best submission will be awarded $50 via Paypal. The contest winner must have a Paypal account or must provide one belonging to a parent or guardian who is capable of receiving the award for them.


1. The contest is open to participants 13 years of age or older anywhere in the world (except where prohibited by law). Participants under the age of 13 may enter with the permission of their parent or legal guardian to participate. A parent or legal guardian may be asked to complete a letter of permission before the prize will be awarded to a child under the age of 13. Identification may be requested if age is in question and must be produced on request.

2. Prizes are not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as awarded.

3. Decisions of the contest judges are final – no substitutions will be available.

4. By claiming the prize, the winner authorizes the use, without additional compensation of his or her name and/or likeness and/or voice/photograph and municipality of residence for promotion and/or advertising purposes in any manner and in any medium (including without limitation, radio broadcasts, newspapers and other publications and in television or film releases, slides, videotape, distribution over the internet and picture data storage) which Team Future Boy may deem appropriate.

5. In accepting the prize, the winner acknowledges that Team Future Boy, it’s associates, and anyone related, may not be held liable for any loss, damages or injury associated with accepting or using this prize(s).

6. The person(s) whose name(s) is announced as being the winner(s) of the specific prize will be required to provide their full legal name, full address (NO Post Office boxes, personal mailbox services, or similar), and a valid email address within 10 calendar days of the prize announcement or the prize will be forfeited. Incomplete submissions will be considered invalid.

7. Winners (or their legal guardian, if winner is under 18) must sign a release form as prepared and accepted by Team Future Boy acknowledging their acceptance and understanding of the complete contest rules if requested.

8. Team Future Boy retains the rights, in its absolute and sole discretion, to make substitutions of equivalent kind or approximate value in the event of the unavailability of any prize or component of the prize for any reason whatsoever.

9. This contest is subject to all laws of both the contest organizer’s location and the location (either temporary or permanent residence) of the parrticipants. If the local laws of any participant prohibit the participation of an individual, that individual should not participate.

10. Team Future Boy reserves the right to withdraw or terminate this contest at any time without prior notice.

11. Approximate value of prizes vary.

12.  Contest open to all participants who may enter without violating any laws. This is a WORLDWIDE competition.

13.  Participants may submit as many entries as they like as long as each entry is their own work and follows the submission guidelines.

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