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Patience may be a virtue, but you don’t need any of that stuff today. Future Boy Volume 1, Side B has been released EARLY! Believe me when I say that Side B was worth the wait and fully worth every penny.  There are some great new songs here from Future Boy! What are you waiting for?! Go to and download it NOW! If you don’t already have Volume 1, Side A now is the time to download that too! After you’ve downloaded, don’t forget to tell your friends! Spread the word…Future Boy rocks!

New contest coming soon!

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A new contest will be announced shortly… stay tuned! While you’re waiting, keep spreading the word about Future Boy to all of your friends! Tell everyone to check out and to download Volume 1, Side A if they haven’t already. Keep reminding everyone about the release of Side B  on thursday, June 3rd! Remember to also check out Loserville the Musical, featuring songs by James Bourne, coming to the West End in London in 2011! Go to for a sneak peak of the show!

Counting down the days…

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Can you believe it? May is almost over! You know what that means, right? That’s right! June 3rd is almost upon us! Remember to check on June 3rd to download Volume 1, Side B to get 5 more Future Boy songs!  In the mean time, spread the word and remind all of your friends about the release date. If they don’t have Volume 1, Side A yet, tell them to download it now! Remember to tell everyone about Future Boy music and tell them why you LOVE it!

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June 3 is Fast Approaching

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While the team contest continues, I want to take a minute to remind everyone that June 3rd is nearly upon us! You should have already downloaded Volume 1, Side A when it was released on May 3rd. Don’t you love it? I know I do! I bet you can’t wait for more, right? Well, time is on your side! Just a fortnight to go until you can download some more great music from when Volume 1, Side B is released! Set your calendar reminder now! Don’t miss it! June 3rd.  Keep spreading the word!

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We Have a Date!

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James Bourne has asked fans, via his Twitter, to “spread the word about June 3rd” and we can only assume that he is telling us the download release date for Volume 1, side B of the Future Boy album! Mark your calendar and remember to keep spreading the word!

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Preview from Side B

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New song from Future Boy!

Future Boy has released a new song as a preview of Side B of his debut album! The song is called “You Can Dance” and you can listen to it on the Official Future Boy Myspace page here: Those that have downloaded Volume 1, Side A (from have been patiently waiting for Side B, and this is a sweet treat to tide us over until the full release of Side B.

Remember to keep spreading the word!

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