On June 1, 2010, in Future Boy, Music, by Tree

Patience may be a virtue, but you don’t need any of that stuff today. Future Boy Volume 1, Side B has been released EARLY! Believe me when I say that Side B was worth the wait and fully worth every penny.  There are some great new songs here from Future Boy! What are you waiting for?! Go to and download it NOW! If you don’t already have Volume 1, Side A now is the time to download that too! After you’ve downloaded, don’t forget to tell your friends! Spread the word…Future Boy rocks!

Future Boy Volume 1, Side A Released

On May 3, 2010, in Future Boy, by Tree

Future Boy has released Volume 1, Side A which has 5 great songs;

01. Get up
02. Pressure To Stay Together
03. Step By Step
04. Karate On My Heart
05. Hoping for Disaster

These are available to buy and download directly from: