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On June 28, 2010, in Future Boy, Shows, by Tree

We wanted to say big THANK YOU to those who made their way to the Roxy to see play on June 24, . For those who attended the show, you may have noticed that there were several members present, taking the time to support Future Boy by handing out Future Boy promo items. The Team had the pleasure of meeting a number of fans and talking about our favorite subject: Future Boy! We’re so happy that you’re all as enthusiastic about as we are! The show at the Roxy was AMAZING, but it is just the beginning of many great to come. We can’t wait to meet you all eventually. Thank you so much for supporting Future Boy!

Check out some photos of the Team hard at work at the Roxy show here:

Team members who helped out at the Roxy show: Teresa (Team leader), Stefanie, Stacy, Raegan, Juliet, Vivian, and Vicquie!

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